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  • For detection of prohibited items Adel Abdul-Aziz Alquraishi Est For Security Systems offers X- ray scanners and walk-through metal detectors of different application specific models and features. Drugs and explosives detectors, or “snuffers,” are made available by the various technologies in the world today. They can detect the specified substances or their combination, as specified.
  • Integration with readers of any technology for access control and metal detectors are vital. We also offer solutions to automatically scan people carrying weapons.


  • Interactive TV allows for facility-wide messaging, user requested information, video on demand, internet browsing, and gaming. It is included with our packages.
  • CATV’s individual or channelized digital/analog systems guarantee more reliable reception of free-to-air or subscribed signals from satellites and terrestrial stations, of TV, and FM Radio broadcasts. These systems provide dependable, superior- quality reception at all locations by utilizing distribution networks of TV/FM signal, in house video, and multimedia content.


FingerPrint Reader


DS-7732NI-I4/24P Embedded Plug & Play 4K NVR
DS-7R32NI-E4 Embedded Plug & Play NVR
DS-MI9605-GA Mobile Enforcement System
DS-MP7608HN Mobile NVR
DS-MP7516 Mobile DVR
DS-MP7508 8-ch HDTVI Mobile Video Recorder
DS-M5504HMI Mobile DVR
DS-M7508HNI Mobile DVR
DS-M5504HNI Mobile DVR
DS-MP7504 Mobile HDTVI DVR
DS-MP3516-RS Train NVR
DS-7204/7208HTHI-K2 Turbo HD DVR
DS-7204HTHI-K1 Turbo HD DVR
DS-7304/7308/7316HQHI-K4 Turbo HD DVR
DS-7204/7208/7216HUHI-K/P Turbo HD DVR
DS-7204/7208HUHI-K1 Turbo HD DVR
DS-7204/7208/7216HUHI-K2 Turbo HD DVR
DS-7104/7108/7116HQHI-K1 Turbo HD DVR
DS-7204/7208/7216HQHI-K/P Turbo HD DVR
DS-7208/7216HQHI-K2 Turbo HD DVR
DS-7204/7208/7216HQHI-K1 Turbo HD DVR
DS-7304/7308/7316HUHI-K4 Turbo HD DVR
DS-9008/9016HUHI-K8 Turbo HD DVR
DS-9024/9032HUHI-K8 Turbo HD DVR
DS-8124/8132HUHI-K8 Turbo HD DVR
DS-7324/7332HUHI-K4 Turbo HD DVR
DS-8124/8132HQHI-K8 Turbo HD DVR
DS-6704/6708/6716HUHI-K Turbo HD DVR
DS-7008/7016HUHI-K2 Turbo HD DVR
DS-7004/7008/7016HQHI-K1 Turbo HD DVR
DS-6704/6708/6716HUHI-K Turbo HD DVR
DS-7B08/7B16HUHI-K2 Turbo HD DVR
DS-7004/7008HUHI-K1 Turbo HD DVR
DS-7B08/7B16HQHI-K2 Turbo HD DVR
DS-7008/7016HQHI-K2 Turbo HD DVR